Wave Propulsion Bodyboard

Looking for the best unique wave propulsion bodyboard out there? One that stands out from the crowd?

Our wave propulsion bodyboard The Wave Crusher was designed for kids and adults of all ages AND is not limited to adults who like acting like kids! The Wave Crusher is designed to literally stand out from the crowd hence the bright green color. While you're relaxing on the beach you can keep a close on your children as they stand out from the rest with our colorful bright green boards.

We came up with the idea for this new revolutionary design when we went to the beach and could not find a bodyboard that had handles to hold onto. When our kids were younger holding on to a big board with no handles was extremely difficult. Why not make a better board we thought? We got to work designing a board with handles, channels for sleeker design and water run-off, and the scoop for wave propulsion. The scoop underneath the body of the wave propulsion bodyboard harnesses the force of the ocean waves to push you further and faster by catching the force of the ocean waves.

Now, when you go to the beach you can use our board to stand out from the crowd, catch the best waves, make a splash with the bright green bodyboard. Get ready to crush those waves with the wave propulsion bodyboard!

We promise it will make you look even more attractive, ok that might be pushing it you say? Well, it will definitely be the most fun you’ve had all day! It’ll create memories for years to come and for sure be the best ride and experience of bodyboards you’ll have.

Our hope is that you have as much fun riding it as we do! Buy yours today and go crush those waves!