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September 7, 2017
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Product Consulting Charlotte
September 7, 2017
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The Wave Crusher – Wave Propulsion Bodyboards

$59.95 $35.00


* 39″ boogie board
* Built in Hand Grips for gripping power
* Wave propulsion scoop design harnesses ocean waves
* Channels for better control and sharp turns
* Vibrant Color
* Sleek but rigged design
* 60/40 rails for better wave traction at faster speeds
* Leash included ($10 value)
* Core: (EPS) – Bottom: (HDPE Slick) – Surface and handles: (PP)

* 39” (L) x 21.25” (W) x 3-7/8” (H)
* You can’t put a price on fun!


The Wave Crusher – Wave Propulsion Bodyboards are for kids of all ages! Get out there and enjoy the waves on our 39’ board designed with you in mind. When we designed this board, it was out of necessity to have a board to hold onto instead of one that slipped out from underneath and left you frustrated instead of out there enjoying the surf. We hope you enjoy crushing the waves on your new body board the Wave Crusher.

You may look at our wave propulsion bodyboards and think, what’s different? What makes your board better? Why should we try yours instead of the others out there in the market? Those are all great questions!

Our wave propulsion bodyboards vary from all the other boards you see on the market because we designed and patented ours with built in handles. We also created channels so that the water could move off and down the board, and lastly the scoop underneath the board which is there to catch the water from the waves and push you further and faster (called wave propulsion). It’s our mission at P & T Innovations, LLC to create quality products that are not only practical, but that are fun as well. We took what we saw as a problem and created a solution (new bodyboard) that we hope you thoroughly enjoy. It’s our hope and desire for you to create fun filled memories at the beach for you and your family that will be remembered for years to come! Enjoy The Ride!

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