Rubber Wallet Money Band
Rubber Wallet Money Band
September 7, 2017
Customize Ra-llet Rubber Wallet
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September 7, 2017
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Security Wallet Money Clip


Security Wallet Money Clip

* Can be attached to smooth surface Smartphone’s, Tablets and Cases
* Use your Ra-llet WITHOUT the permanent adhesive backing as a money clip
* Or, use your Ra-llet WITH the permanent adhesive backing, simply peel & stick
* Simple. Easy to Use. Durable
* Money clip securely holds cash
* Wallet opening holds and up to 4 Smart Cards (debit, credit cards, etc.)
* Perfect for minimalists, Travelers, Sports Enthusiasts, etc.
* Eliminates need for a Bulky Wallet/Purse
* Versatile/lightweight rubberized wallet-money clip
* Non-metallic material enabling you to breeze through security checkpoints
(Professional games/concerts & events) that don’t require you to empty your pockets
* Waterproof, no need to worry about your essentials getting liquid damaged
(cash and some smart cards are not waterproof)


The Ra-llet security wallet money clip is perfect for securely carrying several dollar bills. With this design, we thought of minimalists that can’t live without their cell phone, but yet want the versatility of carrying their essentials on them. This design allows you to carry our Ra-llet in your front pocket or attach it to your cell phone.

With the Ra-llets security wallet money clip compact slim and sleek design, you can carry what you need, in your front pocket or simply attach it to your phone. This gives you the peace of mind that everything you need is with you at all times.

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