Corner Caulk Remover Tool

Our first invention was the corner caulk remover tool. This product was designed after we moved into our first home. My dear wife said, “honey the caulk around the bathtub looks awful, can you please take care of it.” While I observing the old corner caulk remover tool around the bathtub, I was thinking at the same time 'how am I going to get remove it without marring the tub, and scraping my knuckles? Just then, a vision of the perfect corner caulk remover tool hit me! So off I went to the store to find this caulking tool I had envisioned. The problem came when I couldn’t find the one that I had in mind at any of the home improvement stores, or online.

When I returned home, I starting sketching what we thought would be a great product design. With my wife’s assistance, we ultimately designed and developed the corner caulk remover tool, which we later licensed to a national retailer. In addition to selling on our website.  Homeowners, renters, RV owners, boat enthusiasts will benefit from the corner caulk remover tool removers, ease of use, rubberized grip handle, professional strength and it works great for all types of caulk removal jobs.