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    Wave Propulsion Bodyboard

    Buy The Wave Propulsion Bodyboard For Pro Competitions.

    Wave Propulsion Bodyboard

    Do you remember being in the car heading down to the beach? The sun is shining, it’s a gorgeous day out, the windows are down, your favorite song is playing on the radio. You’ve only got 15 more minutes to go before your toes are in the sand. Then, there it is, the familiar sites and smells of the beach hit you. You grab your gear and head out to enjoy the day at the beach. Time to hit the waves. You grab your green bodyboard and you’re ready for fun’tastic day!

    This was us every year, but year after year we were disappointed with the bodyboards we purchased. They didn’t have handles to hold onto for the kids, they scratched your chest up, they broke in ½ after a day at the beach, and then the whining and crying started and who wants to hear all that? So, the solution was simple: create a better board!

    This simple solution lead us to the idea for The Wave Crusher green bodyboard. We wanted a better built board.

    One that would last for more than a week
    One with handles so all of us had something to hold onto
    One that offered a superior ride compared to all the other boards on the market
    One that used the waves power (propulsion)

    After sketching and brain storming we added the wave propulsion scoop which allows you to harness the power of the wave pushing you further and faster to shore. Our final design we thought would allow you to crush the waves, this is how we came up with the name “Wave Crusher”. The idea was to ultimately provide kids and adults of all ages the best board out there that would withstand the test of time, yet be functional, practical and cost effective. We hope you love our design and are ready to get out there and crush some waves!

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