About US - Consumer Product Designers

P & T Innovations, LLC formerly known as Truth By Design, LLC is located in Matthews, N.C. just outside of Charlotte. My wife and I, originally founded our company in 2004. We revised our name in 2017 to better align with what we do and how we do it. The "P" and "T" in P & T Innovations, LLC stand for "Porsche" and "Travis" as we collaborate on designing and perfecting the ideas we are blessed with 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

It is our vision to design and develop new innovative products, one inspiration at a time. As our consumer product designers solid works product line continues to expand year after year, we aggressively strive to design, develop and launch superior innovative products that withstand the rigors of their intended use and that you, the customer deem practical, functional and enjoyable. It is our hope that we earn your trust in our products that you purchase. We encourage you to let your family, friends, co-workers, and everyone else you know including pets, about your confidence and trust in our brand.

Corner Caulk Remover
Our first invention was the Corner Caulk Remover (build a page for buyers to purchase this product) This product was designed after we moved into our first home. My dear wife said honey the caulk around the bathtub looks awful! Can you please take care of it. While observing the old caulk around the bathtub, and how I was going to get remove it without marring the tub. A vision of the perfect caulking tool hit me! So off I went to the store to find this caulking tool I had envisioned. When I couldn't find the one that I had envisioned, at any of the home improvement stores, nor online. My wife and I starting sketching what we thought would be a great product design. Ultimately, we designed and developed the Corner Caulk Remover, which we later licensed to Harbor Freight Tool and sell on our website. All homeowners, renters, RV owners, boat enthusiasts will benefit from the Corner Caulk Removers, ease of use, rubberized grip handle, professional strength and it works great for all types of caulk removal jobs.

Wave Crusher
Another popular product that we came up with is the Wave Crusher.  It is designed for kids of all ages!  We came up this idea after going to the beach year after year and listening to the kids comments about not being able to hold on to the boogie boards and not being impressed with the boards that were out in the market.  We wanted a board that you could grip, one that was of better quality and that offered a faster ride.  Hence the handles to hold onto, the channels for sleeker design and a scoop for wave propulsion.  This pushes you further and faster by catching the water from the waves.

The Ra-llet product line was designed with all in mind, but especially for those on-the goers who just wanted to carry their essentials with them. It is a great product for the minimalists, travelers, sports enthusiasts and generally for anyone with an active lifestyle that want to eliminate a bulky wallet/purse.  With the Ra-llets compact, non-metallic and water resistant design, it's like the perfect match for cash and smart cards (credit/debit cards,etc...).

We also offer our Rallet signal shields as the perfect companion to go along with the Ra-llet as these signal shields protect your smart cards from RFID fraud!

As our solid product line continues to expand year after year, we aggressively strive to design, develop and launch superior innovative products which in turn will surely delight you, the customer. When we earn your trust in our product(s) you purchase, the best compliment you could provide us with is referring family and friends. We thank you for your business!