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Welcome to P&T Innovations Charlotte product designers located outside Charlotte North Carolina. We specialize in new and innovative products aiming to enhance and simplify your way of living.

About Us

The “P” and “T” in P & T Innovations, LLC stand for “Porsche” and “Travis” as we collaborate on designing and perfecting the ideas we are blessed with 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Making...Quality Products For All To Enjoy

Your Brand

Our logo concept came from the simple idea of having a light bulb moment. When that idea hits you and you’re like YES that’s a great idea! Have our team help you design, create and help bring your idea from just an idea to a product in the marketplace.

Who We Are

We are Charlotte product designers available to meet with you to help mentor and provide coaching on your idea and product.

Let our team bring your idea from an idea to a sample, a sample to a potential product ready to be seen and bought by companies.

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A Few Facts About
Our Company

  • Product Design70%
  • Web Design50%
  • Package Design20%

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